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Truth doesn't need a name. It just needs to be put out there.

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Guy Loginin
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    I was born in Washington State USA and have lived in Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Alaska, and now Arizona. 
Currently, I reside in Oak Creek Canyon -just North of Sedona, Arizona USA.  Sedona is one of the most beautiful places I've ever lived and the only place I've ever moved back to.  (You may wish to view the "GigaPan Sedona" link too see for yourself.)

    English is the only language with which I am able to converse -although I did study Spanish briefly in college. If you'd like to help me learn Your language, don't hesitate.

    My military experience includes time with the Army Medical Corps (reserve) and Alaska Air National Guard.  My fondest memory of this participation was while deployed to Berlin Germany in 1991.

    As for education, I'm a college drop-out with transcripts from five different sources.

    You likely wouldn't believe me if I told you about all of the different jobs I've had -not that I could remember them all anyway.  Yet, I'll say that I've worked technical support, audio / visual, tourism, ship-yard, farming, construction, retail, and etc.  I also worked as an evangelical, protestant missionary -although I've since recovered from that experience.

    With all this moving around and adventurism, you would be correct to assume that I'm single (i.e. never married). 
I've not had the pleasure of raising a family and, with the destruction of the 'American' middle class, doing so is but a very remote possibility.  The 'American dream' is no longer viable and retirement is impossible.

    This Live Journal was started as an effort to promote truthful news reporting.  It's my first-ever 'blog'.
    The libelous slander and hubris of my fellow citizens who work in media and government is shameful, alarming, and repulsive. 
I sincerely believe that it is not representative of the general populace of the United States.  Yet, most U.S. citizens are likely too boxed-in and too afraid to voice their dissatisfaction.  As for me, I have nothing and, therefore, have very little to lose.

    The endless stream of falsehoods from U.S. leadership -especially those vicious statements directed towards Russia, is especially disturbing to me.  I am disturbed by the meddling in affairs of sovereign nations, the abuse of military power, and the destruction this abuse has caused towards so many people and nations.  I cannot imagine ever treating you, or anyone else, with as much disrespect and contempt as these referenced people do.

    I'm busy scouring media sources and posting articles of interest in this paid for Live Journal.  Since I haven't owned a television since 1999, most of posted links will be from 'alternate' media sources. I hope to save you some time in trying to find worthwhile information. Many of the sites I reference have received financial contributions from me.

    Feel free to send me a note, add me as a 'friend', or start a chat -either here or on LinkedIn.
    Please feel free to share my LiveJournal with those who might appreciate it.
    If you have a story that you wish for me to reference, please let me know.

    Best wishes and peace to you and to those dear to you.



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